Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Financial Guru

My Financial Guru- The day I left "The Nest" - May 2010

I would like to think that I’ve been a savvy saver and frugal shopper for most of my adult life. But, let’s face it, life after college has been challenging; especially as it relates to money. This post sparked a new interest and I would like to start a new conversation discussing personal finance and how I’m working towards making wiser decisions with the coins in my purse. I’m not a financial guru but I had an awesome teacher that taught me all the small tricks and tips for saving money.

Here’s a little background. I grew up in a single parent home. My mother raised three amazing children in the wealthy suburb of Stamford, Connecticut. Growing up, I never thought we were poor because we always had more than enough and just about anything we wanted. We went on family vacations, participated in extracurricular activities and always celebrated birthdays at our favorite restaurants.  When I graduated college and moved to New York City, I often wondered how my mother managed to do all of these amazing things with three kids and I could barely take care of myself.  So I thought back and remembered a few tips my mom gave me thought out the years.

***There is a coupon for everything! - Seriously, nowadays coupons are just a click away on your phone.

***Clearance is your Best Friend! – Get creative and build a look off of the clearance rack. Why spend $50 bucks on a t-shirt when you could purchase multiple looks! (Shout out to Target!) 

***Buy what you need and save for what you want! - Self-explanatory!

***Be prepared for an emergency – The thousand dollar rule. Always, Always Save!!

***Splurge often but not too often – You’re entitled to a rainy day fund just not every day!

***Be grateful for what you have to appreciate what’s to come –Money is not everything but it helps!

***Plan for the future you want. – If you fail to plan…you plan to fail! 

My mom is my greatest inspiration and the true MVP in my life! Her words of wisdom, and encouragement has helped me get this far but now It’s time that I create the life that I really want. I’m making better choices with my finances by saving more, spending less and tracking my accounts by using the Personal Capital Finance app. It’s a really cool app that allows you to track your accounts in one place. You can access your accounts at any time from your phone, tablet or computer and have up-to-date information. The app also offers access to the Daily Capital Blog, Research and Insights, and access to an adviser to help you grow the wealth you desire. Check out the website here--->Personal Capital Finances and for more information.

That’s not all the company offers!  Personal Capital Finance also has an initiative to help women take control of their finances. Read about it here---> Creating Capital . Get access to information from other women, start your own conversation and set realistic goals.  I joined the initiative and I hope you will too! Taking control of your finance can be tough but with a little patience, control and some sisterly love, we can definitely do this together! Change your financial narrative and build a brighter future!

Who's your Financial Guru? Join the financial discussion and tell me how you are taking control of your personal finances!  Share this with a friend, like and subscribe. Love you for reading.



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