Monday, October 13, 2014

What are you Willing to Change?

What are you willing to change to improve yourself? I often ask myself this questions because I'm still at a phase in my life where I'm learning to adapt to change. While I understand change is necessary for growth, It is often hard to let go of habitual habits and things that take us out of our comfort zones. We are all creatures of habit and sometimes need a little push or reality check to get our lives on track. I know I have a hard time following through on things so it is important for me to improve on being consistent with the things I want to accomplish.We all have changes we would like to make so why not start today!

My change starts today! I give myself permission to be great and permission to start over and make changes in the areas of my life that I want to improve. So what changes am I making? Well truth is... I am making changes that are realistic, obtainable and measurable. So what can you expect to see more of? Take a peak below to see what's coming up on the blog. 

 I started college nine years ago and over the course of nine years I gained 31.6 pounds. Given this is weight gained over a long period of time, however,I would like to drop the 31.6 pounds. I love my body but I am getting older I am becoming more health conscious. I have a family history or cancer, diabetes, fibroids, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. In an effort to get fit and back to a weight I feel is healthier for me, I decided to challenge myself to lose 31.6 pounds by my 28th birthday. My health challenge will start on October 27, 2014. 

Natural Hair
I've been natural for over two years but my journey to better hair health started on February 2, 2014. I decided to fully immerse myself in getting my hair back to what it was before the perms,weaves and bad hair care. So to challenge myself, I decided to do more protective styling and creating natural hair products at home. This is a long term challenge to get my hair to bra strap length but Healthy hair is the goal!

Obtaining financial independence may be the hardest goal of all! Like most college graduates, I have a ton of student loan debt! I am paying off the debt but there is always room for improvement. In an effort to combat my debt and create an ample nest egg, I am making some serious changes to improve my finances. I will be doing a series of challenges here on the blog to show how I save money and to discuss the things I am learning to become financially savvy! 

These are the three changes I am making in my life. Like I said before...change is hard work but I'm willing to put in the hard work to make the changes necessary to improve myself.  I'm using my blog as a tool to measure my goals. This blog is important to me and I want to share my life, my goals and my journey to a better self with my readers.  

So Mavens, do you have changes you would like to make? What are some goals you are trying to accomplish? How do you adapt to change? I would like to hear your thoughts. Be sure to share -



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