Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Family First

There is nothing like spending some good ole quality time with your family! I don't get to see my family as often as I like, so when I do travel back home I make sure to milk the trip for all it is worth. I traveled back to my home in North Carolina to take family pictures, catch up with my love ones and to partake in the NC State fair activities. I had not been home in two years so this trip was extra special. 

I love North Carolina and going home is always a treat for me. Living in the Big Apple is kind of tough and draining because I'm always on guard or on the move. On the rare occasions that I do get to travel back to North Carolina, I am always grateful for the sense of peace I feel and the joy of being around my family. 

My Mother has been insisting on taking family pictures for years so this was a great way to spend time together and make fun memories. My mother is pictured below. She is my absolute best friend on this entire earth. There is no one like her and no one that could replace her.  Our bond far exceeds a mother and daughter relationship because as I age, I appreciate her more to the wonderful life she has given me. Lol if she is reading this post- she is probably somewhere sobbing because she is extremely sensitive. It's okay if she is because I love her for her quirky stories and the amazing way she loves us. 

My little jelly bean is pictured with me below! I love this young lady and can't believe how fast she has grown up. We are exactly ten years apart but we have a great sisterly bond. She is growing so fast and maturing into a beautiful young lady. I often feel bad for not being closer to her to provided that sisterly support when needed. Nonetheless, I will say that I am extremely proud of my sissy and I absolutely adore her.

The handsome guy in the picture below is my big little brother. Words can't express the love I have for my brother! We are five years apart and have so many great childhood memories. He's an awesome, talented and intelligent guy that I am proud to call my brother. Just like my sister, he is growing up so fast and into a handsome young man. I am so proud of him and the future he is building for himself because I know he will do amazing things. 

 One thing you will learn about me is that next to God, family is the most important aspect of my life. I enjoyed spending time with my family during this last trip and I am happy we had the chance to really enjoy one another. Life is so short and you never know what can happen. So it is important that we cherish the times we have now and make beautiful memories. I love my family and this post is dedicated to showing them how much they truly mean to me. I may not get to see them every day but they are always on my mind and in my heart.

Love you for reading, 


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