Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's Just That Easy

I LOVE SHOPPING! It's my therapy, my release from reality and my cure for anything. Truth be told, I've always loved shopping. As a young girl, I remember playing dress up in my mother's closet and falling in love with all of her clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. I also remember our shopping trips to various malls, thrift stores and outlets. My mother is very fashionable and has been a major inspiration for developing my style. She introduced me to thrifting and bargain shopping at a young and ever since then, I've been hooked.

So what's so great about thrifting? Well, I will tell you! Thrifting for me is the ultimate shopping experience each and every time I walked through the doors of a thrift store. I can spend hours in thrift stores because I love the thrill and the hunt to find items that are truly unique to my personality. I love going through racks, bins and tables to find items that are one of a kind and priceless. It's euphoric ! Thrifting also provides the opportunity to create an affordable wardrobe on any budget. I have a very eclectic taste and I love vintage looks, so I absolutely love shopping at thrift stores. I learned at a young age that thrifting is a great way to build a fabulous wardrobe when funds are limited. Thrifting is also a great way to experiment with different styles. I've purchased everything from prom dresses to shores, purses and much more. 

While I love thrifting, I also buy clothes at retail stores, shops, outlets and online. But there is a catch! I am very frugal when it comes to buying clothing and I always look for the best bargain. Will I pay full price for something? Not usually, but if an item is good quality and worth the money, I just may purchase it. This rarely happens because I am the ultimate bargain shopper. Yes, I believe my calling is to find the best deal in any store! Paying full price for anything gives me the hives because I know there is always a deal to be found. 

I've been a bargain shopper all my life! I live for clearance racks, sale sections and markdowns. It does not matter what store I am in, I will find something fabulous and discounted. My favorite place to find affordable clothing and shoe is Target. I love Target because I can purchase anything there and always know that I am getting a good deal. I've never paid full price for shoes, clothes or accessories at Target because there are always clearance racks! Ha! Some of my best looks have come off Target clearance racks! I can feel a deal from a mile away! What's so great about bargain shopping! Well, you can find great items at really good prices. Why pay more, when you can look great for less? Trust me. Once you master the art of  bargain shopping you will never pay retail prices again!

 It's Just That Easy !

I have provided three very different looks that are a combination of thrifting and bargain shopping. I want to show how versatile my wardrobe is and how I can create VERY AFFORDABLE looks for any budget.

Look One : Casual, Stylish & Sexy 

This look is very casual, yet stylish and sexy! I would wear this on date night or out with the girls. I purchased the top from one of my local dollar stores for just $1.19. It's one of my favorite tops because it is so versatile. My shorts are Gloria Vanderbilt. I purchased the shorts from my local Savers thrift store on a 50 percent off day. I paid $2.50 for the shorts and they fit perfect. I also purchased my purse on the same day and paid $1.00.  My white cami is from Forever 21 and cost just $1.99. My shoes are from Target and were a major steal costing just $5.98. My total cost for this look is $12.66. 

Look Two: Bold & Vibrant 

This look is classic! I adore the shorts that wearing because they are very comfortable and has good shape. I thrifted the shorts from Savers on a 50 percent off day and paid just $1.99. My top was thrifted from my local dollar store and cost just $1.19. My white cami is from Forever 21 and cost just 1.99.  My purse was a thrift gift from my mom so it was FREE!  My shoes are from Burlington Coat Factory. I purchased the shoes on clearance  for  just $7.00 . My total cost of this look is $12.17.

Look Three: Simply Stylish in Denim 

This look is effortless! I paired my Gloria Vanderbilt Shorts that I purchased from Saver for just $2.50 with this gold accented denim top that I purchased from my local dollar store for just $1.19. My cami is Forever 21 and cost $1.99. My shoes are from a local store called Madrag that I purchased for just $3.00. My total cost for this look is $8.68.

So... have I convinced you to give thrifting and bargain shopping a try? What I hope to provide is a guide for creating fun and fashionable looks that are unique and will not break the bank.  Fashion is cool but style is forever! So do yourself a favor and create looks that tells your story! I have added some tips for thrifting  here Royal Maven Thrift and will add tips for bargain shopping soon. Take a look and start your journey to creating an amazing wardrobe! 

I love you all for reading! I would love to hear your comments and your adventures with thrifting and bargain shopping! Comment, like or share. 




  1. Love these looks they are very chic'. Do you have any videos on u tube ? To show how you put the pieces together?

    1. Thank you! I am actually in the process of working on my first Youtube video and will be posting a video soon. Thanks for reading!

  2. Every so often I'll visit a thrift store to shop. But I learned that the good stuff is usually in the better Palm Springs and Hollywood. I love shopping for vintage pieces from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Clothing was so well made then. I agree with you...the thrill of the hunt is contagious. You rocked each look.

    1. Thank you for the compliment! I love shopping for vintage pieces too because the clothing is so elegant and timeless!

  3. Very cute looks. Ya know I love a good deal. Nice finds!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I love all of your amazing finds. Especially your sequin pieces!!