Monday, August 25, 2014

Love Yourself Girl or Nobody Will

For months, I agonized over losing weight for my trip to Aruba. Let's face it, I wanted to be skinny with a flat stomach and a round bottom. Right after I booked my vacation, I set a weight lose goal to lose 30 pounds in four months. The extreme dieting and daily workouts started off well and lasted for about a month. I won't lie,I tried everything from diet pills to eating once a day. I cut out soda and tried to eat as clean as possible. I had a vision and it was to look amazing in my swimsuit. I hadn't worn a swimsuit since I was fourteen and I wanted to feel as slim and fit as I was when I was a teenager. Call me crazy but we've all had these moments! I just want to be honest about my truths. 

While trying to lose weight, I also tackled the daunting task of finding affordable and fabulous plus size  swimwear. I found several collections that were perfect for the look I was trying to achieve but were way beyond the budget I had set for myself. Luckily, Forever 21 introduced a fabulous line of swimwear that was affordable and captured the look I had wanted. In a moment of complete insanity, I purchased two swimsuits in a size smaller to motivate myself to lose weight. I wear a 1X in  Forever 21 Plus, but I can squeeze into some of the XL items. I was seriously hoping this was the case with my swimwear! About a week after purchasing my swimsuits, I received them in the mail and anxiously tried them on. Truth be told, I was critical and very upset with the fit. My breast were huge and my stomach was far from flat. I analyzed every flaw I could find wrong with myself and decided that I needed to go into beast mode to get to my perfect body.

I did T25 workouts everyday for about two weeks until, I stumbled upon a post from Chastity at GarnerStyle. Chastity's post entitled "Fat Thighs" blew me away! First off, I've been following her blog for a while and I absolutely LOVE her style! I mean she's gorgeous and uber chic.  However, this particular post touched me! I mean really touched me in a way that made me realize that I was trying to perfect a body that was already perfect. Chastity's post was so touching and inspiring that it made me take a step back and reflect on how hard I work to make a living to be able to take vacations in beautiful places. So why should I care about a few extra pounds, some cellulite and a not so flat tummy. Well from that moment on, I decided that I didn't care about the extra pounds and certainly not about my insane mission to have a flat stomach. I stopped the harsh criticism and looked at myself in the mirror and  said I love you! 

I had a whole new perspective on wearing my swimwear because I started to appreciate the fact that I had a fully functioning body. I am proud of the extra slab of fat on my lower stomach because I  survived a life saving surgery in 2013! I am proud of the huge boobs I inherited from my mom that totally look amazing in plunging necklines. So yes, I too have had body issues that I am overcoming. I may not be perfect for all, but I am perfect for me! Needless to say, Aruba was AMAZING! I totally loved every second I spent in my fabulous swimsuits and the confidence I had gained! The funny thing is, after all that agonizing over my weight, I only lost 9.5 pounds and it turned out to be just enough to fit into my swimsuits!I give thanks to Forever 21 for designing affordable, stylish and chic swimwear for plus size women and a special thanks to Chastity at Garnerstyle for posting her truly inspiring Fat Thighs post! Click on the links to get to know Chastity!

What I know for sure, is that love starts from within and I love me some me! If your agonizing over your weight or criticizing every flaw, please STOP! A healthy body starts with a healthy mind and self destruction is never the answer. Words of advice- Love yourself girl or nobody will!  So work hard, live life and be fabulous! Flaws and all!!

Love always,


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