Friday, July 18, 2014

Thrifty Friday

Hey Mavens!

Happy Friday! It has been a long week for me in more ways than one; however, there is nothing better than the sweet release of Friday! Today, I decided to get dolled up in thrift! My entire look was thrifted with the exception of my jewelry. I’m wearing my favorite Nine West sandals that I thrifted from a Goodwill store in Connecticut and my favorite clutch that I thrifted from a Savers Thrift store in New York.  I absolutely love my top that I thrifted for just a $1.00 and my super cute pants that I purchased for a measly seventeen cents.  The best part of this look is that it is under $10.00! I believe that is a major thrift score!! There is nothing I love more than creating a fashionable budget friendly look that truly represents my style!