Thursday, March 27, 2014

Date Night Look under $40.00

Blazer ( Target ) Shirt/Jeans( Forever 21) Shoes( Madrag) Bag ( Thrift
Hey Mavens!

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of dining with some of my favorite people at an amazing Japanese restaurant in NYC. On Sundays, I dedicate the day to washing my hair and it usually takes all day. Well with a limited amount of time to find a casual and chic outfit for my dinner date... I pulled this affordable chic outfit together in just five minutes. 

This particular look cost just under $40.00! I scored the blazer from Target for just $7.98. The shoes were a major steal that I purchased from Madrag for just $3.00 and I thrifted the bag about five years ago for just $1.99. My top and jeans are from Forever 21 and cost a total of $21.99. I live for a good bargain!! This look was causal but totally fashionable. I’m so thankful I save big on clothes because I spare no expense when it comes to fine dining. Take a look at some of my pictures of the restaurant below.

So Mavens, have you had any amazing steals? If so, I would love to see or hear about the bargains you have come across.

Stay blessed,


Red King Crab legs
Fire Roasted fish with Seaweed and Daikon Radish 
Kani Shumai: Steamed homemade Alaskan snow crab dumplings in a clear soup
Master Chef
Pure Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Green Tea 

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  1. OMG...I am so down with thrifting now! I really got into it about a month ago and I.can't.stop! LOL! I'm finding designer pants for 2 and 4 dollars...IKR! I told my husband he should be happy, though, seeing as if I'm saving him money, lol! Well at least in the clothing department...hahaa! I think I might add a section to my blog just to show all the wonderful deals I've gotten. LOVE your outfit, you look ca-uute! Like you, I prefer to spend my extra money on things I love to do. Thanks for sharing Nakia, you've inspired me to go thrifting today, lol! Have a good one my friend! ;-)