Saturday, February 15, 2014

Boho Chic: Versatile Style

Hey Mavens!

I must say, January was a great month for shopping! I thrifted a ton of fabulous stuff and I purchased several pair of really cute boots.  While flipping through some of my pictures that were taken throughout January, I can across two very different looks that were styled with two of my favorite items from January purchases.  The first item is a pair of Sugar wedges that I purchased from Marshalls for just $10.00 and the second item is fabulous green sleeveless cardigan I purchased from my local dollar store for just $1.00. Mavens, I love shopping but the best part of my shopping trips is finding items that I can pair with anything. I love versatility! So Mavens, what are your thoughts? Are there items that you have in your closets that are versatile and pairs well with just about anything? 

Stay blessed, 


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